Objective and Mission

Music Discovery. Artist Enablement.

Sylqi is an online resource where artists collectively work together to post their music, arrange collaborations, and be discovered and recognized for their talents, specifically around derivative music.

Sylqi's end goal is not only to enable artists, but further support and connect appreciative fans with those artists, expediting discovery of those whom may have been struggling for recognition despite real talent.


Our Promise

Excellence and Compassion.

We will always put the artist and our community first. This project started out of our own passion for music and our wish to share it with others.

We are strong believers of excellence. We believe that there is no shame in presenting a beautiful piece of music or an extremely gifted artist. We like to celebrate excellence and marry it with success.

We work hard to establish and maintain a strong, high quality brand for the benefit of our artists and our community. We will never compromise on these beliefs, it's the least we can do for you.


Who We Are

One of us.

What we really are is a community. As Sylqi's founders, we're proud of our open communication with dozens of participating artists. We love receiving comments, requests, and feedback from users. Please, don't be shy, we want to hear what you have to say. This place is yours.

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Getting Started

What do I do?

Listen to music! Then... listen to more music!

We have built the site to be extremely simple, with a few main pages for artists and music.

Artists have an artist page with a profile, blog roll, twitter feed, recent uploads, top music, biggest inspiration, and other relevant links and material. Pieces of music have a music page, which have a video player and show you related work and artists.

Overview pages in the navigation have a few basic metrics, rating and date. The artist overview page has the top ranked artists across the site. The music overview page has top ranked and recently released content by category across the site.

We keep a convenient history in the bottom toolbar if you want to quickly glance at artists or music you've visited or listened to! Additionally, if you get to piece of music that isn't to your taste, the next button will bring you to another piece.

Support the artists you discover and enjoy! The best thing you can do is share the artist and music with your friends. And maybe a few enemies.

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